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On Trend: Cupcakes In Jars


Half-Pints Cupcakes In An Jar
Taste Love Cupcakes

As a "cupcake expert", I am always seeking the latest cupcake trends. Trends can include flavor or ingredient trends like red velvet, bacon or sea salt and caramel.  Other cupcake trends can be cupcake innovations like mini cupcakes or cake pops. The latest cupcake trend is cupcakes in a jar.

What is a cupcake in a jar? It is like a trifle. Cupcakes in a jar are layers of cupcake and frosting. Cupcakes in a jar require cutlery to eat. Spoons are preferred, but a spork works wonders, too. One of the things that I have always touted about cupcakes is that you don't need any cutlery to eat a cupcake. The upside of cupcakes in a jar are they are very portable and you don't to worry about  the frosting. The other benefit is that you get both cake and frosting in every bite.

There are several bakeries across the country that are making cupcakes in jars. Some of the bakeries sell them both is stores or exclusively online. The cupcakes typically have a layer of frosting in the middle and another layer of frosting on top.

I talked to Michelle Brown, co-owner of Taste Love Cupcakes in Detroit about how to bake cupcakes in jar at home.

Michelle started baking cupcakes in jars at home five years ago before opening Taste Love Cupcakes. She recommends using Kerr 8oz wide mouth half-pint canning jars which can be found at a hardware or big box store.  I was surprise that a twelve pack of the jars is only $11.99 on Ace Hardware online.

Michelle bakes her cupcakes inside the jar. She explained that you can use the same recipe for cupcakes in jars is the same for as a regular cupcake. The differences are in how they are baked, how long they are baked, how the frosting is layered.  Cupcakes in a jar are baked a lower temperature, at 325 F.  Take the cupcake about 3-5 minutes earlier than the cooking time in the recipe. Use tongs and oven mitt to pull the cupcake out of the oven. Cool the cupcakes on a wire rack for 35-40 minutes. Make sure the cupcakes is completely because the glass of the Mason Jar holds heat long than a metal pan.  When completely cool, then use an apple corer to core out the  middle of the cupcake and add frosting. You can also more frosting as well as chopped nuts, graham crackers, crushed cookies or sprinkles. Then can screw on the two-part lid. Tie a grosgrain ribbon and a label and you have a nice gift. Michelle noted that the most popular flavor of the cupcakes in jar at Taste Love Cupcakes is s red velvet  cupcake with cream cheese frosting. That's two trends in one dessert. Because the cupcakes in a jar in an airtight container, the cupcakes are good for up to 5-7 days.

The appeal of this latest innovation is all about the jar. Mason jars have enjoyed a renaissance in the artisan food movement. The classic yet trendy jar are used now for more than just making preserves and jams.  Mason jars are the vessel for the DIY community where artisan cocktails, salads and cupcakes have made a home in them.

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