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The home for all things about cupcakes. Check out baking tips, cupcake trends, recipes, product reviews and more. Nichelle Stephens is our resident cupcake expert. She will navigate you through the sweet world of cupcakes and show the tricks of the baking trade.

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Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

Recipe for chocolate ganache cupcakes

Strawberry Cupcakes With Buttercream On Top

The cupcake version of a summer favorite, strawberry shortcake.

Watermelon Cupcakes: A Refreshing Summer Treat

A mouth-watering watermelon cupcake for the summer.

A Guide To The Types Of Buttercream Frosting

A guide to all the different kinds of buttercream frosting.

On Trend: Cupcakes In Jars

Interview with Michelle Brown of Taste Love Cupcakes in Detroit about the latest trend, cupcakes in a jar.

Mason Jars Are Everywhere

Mason Jar cupcakes can be found at all types of events and venues. Here we show you where to get them and, if you want, how to make them yourself.

How To Keep Cupcakes Fresh To Eat Later

Best practices for storing cupcakes, freezing cupcakes and instructions on how to deep fry frozen cupcakes

Cupcakes At TECHmunch

This week, I attended TECHmunch, a food blogger conference here in New York. One of the food sponsors was Robicellis. They make excellent cupcakes. While

Two Essential Baking Ingredients: Flour Power and Cocoa Powder

The more you bake cupcakes; the more you want to know about the ingredients of the cupcakes. I have talked to many bakers and they can really "geek" out

Baking Essentials: Cocoa Powder

The chocolate flavor in many cupcake recipes comes from natural cocoa powder.

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